Yaniv Ginton is Here

Yaniv Ginton is somewhere out there. Clearly somewhere.

Some say he has lost IT.
Some say he has found IT.
Some say he is founded.
Some say he has lost his mind.
Some say – what do you say? I don’t know.

There are many stories about Yaniv Ginton and many stories
he shared, shares and will share.

Born 18:58, 19-February-1984, in Jerusalem to Aba Ido and Ima Orna.
Grew up and raised in Kibbutz Beit-Nir, Israel.
He played football for a while
90 on Mathematics/English/Physics,
80s on Language/Bible/Literature
70 on Citizenship.
He served the Army as a Computer-Tech and became a Trained
well-trained, IT consultant.

He is the father of his daughter.

There are many details in between, before and after,
that he was asked for in order describe “Who are You?”

It is easy to sell IT Solutions and he did.
It is easy to sell Human Design and he did.
It is easy to share Vipassana and he did.
It is easy to teach Yoga and he did.
It seems people don’t simply get IT.
So easy and natural not to know.
I don’t know and I’m writing about Him.

At one point Yaniv Ginton set off on
a journey, a journey within a journey,
where… well… many details and stories.

I don’t know Meditation is here.

Yaniv Ginton is what you see in the moment.
Only in the moment.

email: y@idontknow.eu