I have heard about Human Design in a workshop in Amsterdam in 11-July-2015.
I have heard that I am a Sacral Manifesting Generator.
That in order to move in life in minimum resistance and be satisfied in life, I can experiment with –

Waiting to Respond (Waiting Strategy)

Responding from my Sacral (Inner Authority)

Sleeping Alone in my own Aura

I have had different physical, mental and emotional healthy issues or challenges back then.

Now .I don’t.

Simple sales commercial. From my own experience.

Would you to experiment with your Human Design Strategy and Inner Authority?
Would you like to check out your Human Design Chart with me?
If you do. Can you email me?

email: y@idontknow.eu

Yaniv Ginton Human Design Chart
Born on: 18:58 19-Feb-1984 Jerusalem Israel